Betsy is truly a leader of leaders. She understands how to connect with others better than anyone I know. Betsy is compassionate, balanced, and resilient, all qualities of a strong leader.

Betsy has an incredible ability to create a sense of safety and security. She has a very special talent for doing this in spaces of struggle and even pain and suffering. I’ve had the great pleasure of participating in some very challenging, very productive circles and conversations on deeply emotional topics which Betsy facilitated. In these spaces I’ve seen Betsy‘s talent in creating the environment others need in order to do the hard work of growth.

A quality that is revealed to me about Betsy is her ability to listen – she listens for understanding and she paraphrases my statements to deepen the level of thinking. Ultimately Betsy has been able to move our leadership group towards consensus, which is no small feat.

“Betsy has an amazing ability to help me bring clarity to my thoughts and improve my ability to articulate them. She’s particularly good at asking questions in a way that helps me think of things in a slightly different manner which often helps me get unstuck.”




Developing Leaders
Yoga/Meditation Training



Team Transformation 



Restorative Practices


Transformative Coaching
Coaching for school communities that value inclusivity and Restorative Practices. School and district-wide training plans and sessions available.



Implementation Plans

In Person

Options to fit your school culture available remote or in person.

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We can create a custom fit for your community needs and budget.


Training/Coaching for Leadership Development 

Transforming organizational culture

In partnership with coach and RP Trainer Antonio Hoye, Rise: UP (Uniting Pathways) offers training in transformational communication techniques for developing mindful leaders. Through professional learning, we coach skills in building community and optimizing team strengths. We also offer the facilitation of restoration in dynamics and relationships among members of the team. The contents can be custom designed for your organization, company, or team’s culture.

We are grateful for our clients (WI State Bar Leadership Academy, Middleton Police, Wauwatosa and Chippewa Falls Schools, Waunakee Village Board) and thank you for your interest! We are currently booking into/after June, 2021.


Empowering Community

teen leadership development

 We coach today’s teens to be tomorrow’s leaders. We build teens through skill-based training to enhance awareness of self and others. Strengthening core competencies of emotional intelligence, we develop hearts and minds for social action and compassion, committed to what the world needs most: our expansive and resilient hearts.

Rise 4 Teens is an online coaching program benefitting teens, for the greater good. Clients include school districts in the Midwest and Promega

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Founder: Betsy Delzer, RYT
I’m so glad we found each other.

I am a coach and Restorative Practices trainer in public schools, where I have had the opportunity to serve since 2001. I focus coaching and skill-training on mindfulness-based emotional intelligence. I specialize in Restorative Practices, yoga teaching and training, team dynamics, racial/healing justice, and developing leaders. Public speaking engagements and clients include the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Washington, D. C., school districts and businesses in the United States (MN, WA, WI, IN), and internationally at the International Institute of Restorative Practices in Belgium.

Simply curious or ready to begin? Inquire and together let’s RISE: Reimagining self-exploration.

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