“I am so appreciative of Betsy’s wisdom, kind words and just the voice I needed to hear. I cannot imagine getting through this without her, her conversations, her guided practices and just her taking the time to check in.”

“Having an opportunity to connect, gives me purpose to notice, embrace and persevere in all moments and aspects of my life. Being a beacon for someone lost at sea I can only offer you a deep ocean of appreciation. Thank you for providing the path to strive during a time of survival!”

“Anytime I talk and meet with Betsy, I leave with a renewed energy, renewed hope. She listens to me, without judgment, and guides me to think more deeply.”

“Betsy has an amazing ability to help me bring clarity to my thoughts and improve my ability to articulate them. She’s particularly good at asking questions in a way that helps me think of things in a slightly different manner which often helps me get unstuck.”







Rise : UP


RISE for Teens

Engage 1:1

Mind-Body Coaching
Mind: A personal trainer for your mind
Body: A guide for your physical body, using the vehicle of yoga to access your inner wisdom and strength


Mind-body coaching sessions will be emailed weekly.


There’s never been a better time to establish a yoga or meditation practice. Whether you need support to reimagine or reignite your routine or you’re simply beginning, let’s connect. 1:1 sessions custom designed for you.
Investment: $35/half hour.


Mind-body coaching sessions: in person. Meet at a healing studio (in Madison, WI) or your home.

Let's begin today!

We can find the perfect fit for your lifestyle, needs, and budget.


Racial Justice & Mindfulness

Rise : UP (uniting pathways)

Rise: UP is a foundational training at the intersection of awareness and racial justice. Co-created and facilitated by Antonio Hoye and Betsy Delzer, the contents can be custom designed for your organization, company, or team’s culture.

We are grateful for our current clients and thank you for your interest! We are currently booking into/after June, 2021.



teen leadership development

We coach today’s teens to be tomorrow’s leaders. We build communities through skill-based training to enhance awareness of self and others. Strengthening core competencies of emotional intelligence, we develop hearts and minds for social action and compassion, committed to what the world needs most: our expansive and resilient hearts.

Rise 4 Teens is a 6 week online coaching program benefitting teens, for the greater good. Current clients include Promega and 5Elements.

Check out our YouTube channel and practice with us.

I’d like to learn more:



Founder/Coach: Betsy Delzer, RYT
I’m so glad we found each other.

In my role as a mind-body coach in the public school system, I have focused coaching and skill-training on mindfulness-based emotional intelligence. I specialize in yoga teaching and training, teams, resilience, compassion, racial/healing justice, and contemplative practices for personal and professional application. Public speaking engagements and clients include the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Washington, D. C., school districts and businesses in the United States (MN, WA, WI, IN), and internationally at the International Institute of Restorative Practices in Belgium. My comprehensive resume can be found here.
As your coach, whether you are looking to deepen your understanding, ignite your practices on the mat and/or cushion, rebuild your daily habits, or need a soul recharge, you will be guided and your heart: held, seen. We all need soft landings to do the brave work of journeying inward. This is our next adventure to hold, guide, and navigate together, as your story is unfolding.

Together let’s RISE: Reimagining self-exploration.

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